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SD 5, ARI 7; Dbacks Yank Win Away

Despite Everth Cabrera's four sexy RBI, the Padres couldn't hold the lead or prevent any bottom-of-the-9th heroics.

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Hitting the road after a split series at home and 4-3 win over the Cubs yesterday, the Padres arrived at Chase Field hoping to stuff the division basement-dwellers further into the dark hole they slithered out of. Unfortunately, despite a well-scoring game, the Padres couldn't maintain the lead and Kevin Quackenbush gave up a two-out two-run walk-off bomb that ruined everybody's day.

The night started off ugly, with a chopping grounder bouncing off Chase Headley's glove which rolled slowly into center field. At that point Alexi Amarista in center decided he was going to mess with Carlos Quentin in left, so he acted like he was going to field it (with two runners advancing). But at the last second he just trotted right past the damn thing, allowing a second run to score. Those two runs made the difference today. Not very ninja-like if you ask me.

The Padres sharpened up though, and with a solo HR from Yonder Alonso and a three-run jack by Everth Cabrera they were back in the game and leading in the 5th. Arizona answered in the 6th in the form of three separate RBI and see-sawed the lead right back into their dumb snake-like favor.

Everth Cabrera ignores Unwritten Rule 395.1(a)(iii) and watches his three-run home run for 5.48 seconds instead of the alotted 1.5 seconds. Cabrera was fined $200,000 crybaby bucks and a discussion thread for it was posted on Reddit.

It didn't take long before Everth got back up to bat though, and he used his opportunity in the top of the 7th to plate Tommy Medica; both doubling off of former Friar Joe Thatcher. Thatchers undeniable love for San Diego is what conceded the lead and sent both teams into the 9th evened up at 5-5.

The day wasn't decided by Tyson Ross going 5 innings, giving up 4 earned runs and only striking out 4. And it wasn't decided by Cabrera's 4-RBI day, either. The game's finale took the form of a walk-off home run from the bad guys, dropping the Padres to 23-29, and putting us almost 10 games behind first place.

It isn't a nice place to be right now. But if the Red Sox can drop 10 straight games; we can pull off 10 straight wins. Tomorrow we're going to bounce back from an honorable loss (save the dishonorable error in the 2nd demanding seppuku from Amarista) and remind the Dbacks why they're in last place and not us.

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