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"Wrigley is a dump": Andrew Cashner says what everyone else was thinking


In what is likely to get blown out of proportion by Cubs and Padres fans alike, Andrew Cashner referred to Wrigley Field as "a dump". As reported by Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune, Cashner uttered the words we'll be seeing tossed around by talking heads as bulletin board material after he was asked about proposed upgrades to Wrigley.

"We're spoiled here," Cashner, a former Cubs pitcher, said of Petco Park. "We have some of the best facilities in baseball.

"And Wrigley (Field), it's a dump.''

As Gonzales points out, Cashner has spent a couple of years with each facility as his home park, so he knows what he's talking about. His brief comparison was confined to the players' facilities in each ballpark. It's fairly well established as fact that Wrigley Field trailed the pack in space and other needs players have half its lifetime ago, so he isn't exactly making a bold statement.

"It's bad," Cashner said of Wrigley. "Here (at Petco), we have one of the nicest weight rooms in all of baseball, a big locker room and things are spaced out. You go about your business and make the most out of what you need to get out of your day.''

I can only imagine that more than a handful of our world's more, uh, enterprising (picture me rolling my eyes and sneering as I mutter that last word) human beings will pitch this as an across-the-board dis to the organization that let him go, when it was anything but. In fact, later in the article, Cashner's sentiments are echoed by current Cubs player Ryan Kalish.

"Wrigley is awesome, but it's outdated for the players."

Kalish said he was "a little shocked" when he saw that players prepare to pinch-hit by hitting off a tee with a net dropped from the ceiling in a corner of their home clubhouse at Wrigley.

Kalish also spoke about his time with the Red Sox, using that as an example of how an ancient park can be fitted with modern conveniences. Both players made valid points, but "Former Cub Blasts Wrigley" makes for a juicier narrative than "Past and Present North-Siders Agree Improvements Could Be Made To 100-Year-Old Park".