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Cubs 5, Padres 1: Fire Dave Roberts!

I dunno, man. Maybe make some #@$%ing pitches?
I dunno, man. Maybe make some #@$%ing pitches?
Denis Poroy

Dave Roberts is winless in his managerial career, and this drubbing at the hands of perennial losers is the very last straw. Losing 5-1 to the Cubs? That's just unacceptable, and Ron Fowler should end this farce by getting rid of... oh, sorry, I thought this is what we did now, as if random firings in the middle of the season can fix things. I'm not going to sugar-coat this game; aside from a 416 foot blast to right field by Seth Smith in the first inning, the offense did a whole bunch of nothing. Chase Headley only avoided a shiny golden sombrero by hitting a pop fly in the eighth. The entire team went 0-4 with runners in scoring position (two of those at bats were the aforementioned Headley's).

Eric Stults doesn't get a pass tonight, either. While his first trip through the lineup went smoothly, he started having problems in the fourth, serving up a two-run homer to former Padre Anthony Rizzo (but we still didn't lose the trade). Stults hit a giant brick wall the very next inning, giving up another 3 runs on 4 hits before Roberts pulled him after 2 outs. Give the bullpen credit, though. Nick Vincent, Alex Torres, and the just called up Blaine Boyer combined for 4.1 innings of scoreless work, yielding only a single hit and a walk.

Hopefully the Padres offense can muster up a few more runs against Edwin Jackson tomorrow. Longest tenured Padre Tim Stauffer will be starting his first game in over two years, filling in for the injured Robbie Erlin. First pitch at 7:10 PM.

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