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President Mike Dee says he has "full confidence" in the Padres' GM and Manager

My notes from the radio interview.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Dee interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Mike Dee was seen bicycling in the Park at the Park looking at opportunities to make improvements in left field next year when a new scoreboard is planned to be installed.
  • Members of the 1984 team will be at the park prior to Friday's game including Steve Garvey and Garry Templeton.  Tony Gwynn will not be in attendance due to continued cancer treatment.
  • Dee says there's a lot of frustration in the clubhouse.  They came into the season with high expectations for themselves.
  • If portions of the team were able to replicate their play from the recent past then the team would be able to challenge opponents deep into the season.
  • There's a lot of baseball left but the team can't dig a deep hole for itself.
  • Dee says that changes have not been considered inside Baseball Operations.  "No, not at this time.  We feel strongly that this a team that is built to compete and should compete.  This is not a juncture in this season where we would contemplate 2015 changes or anything that is more imminent than that.  We'll defer those changes until a litter further down the road."
  • Dee says that the team stands behind General Manager Josh Byrnes and Manager Bud Black.  "At this time, absolutely."  They are not planning on changing course right now.  They do want to take a proactive look at any chance to improve the team.  "We have full confidence in both people."
  • Chairman Ron Fowler is very competitive.  Emails were sent late last night between them.  Ownership cares deeply about the franchise and winning as soon as possible.  Dee can assure fans that Fowler is empathetic to fan frustration.
  • Dee says Jedd Gyorko appears to be fine even though he's struggling.  The team made a long-term commitment to him and if they had to make the same decision again today, they would.  Jedd is the least of their concerns.  He'll break out of his slump very soon.
  • Carlos Quentin is day-to-day.  He may be back this weekend. They are a different team offensively with him in the line up.
  • Dee is very involved with Baseball Operations.  He talks regularly with Byrnes, who reports to him.  They talk daily about ways to improve the team.
  • Dee says that they are focused on the 2014 team being "a force", which means a playoff caliber team in the late season.