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Padres Return Home, Lose 5-3

After splitting a six game road series, the Friars come back to Petco and drop their first game like a smelly rotten fruit.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't take long for Ian Kennedy to sink into the Padres' pitching rotation in 2013, but it has taken his team quite a long time to provide him with a win at home for the 2014 season. Today's loss extends that streak of his losses at home and marks his 6th losing start of the season as the Friars fell to the Twins 5 to 3.

Ian Kennedy went six innings, really only giving up four runs on six hits. He struck out six just like his counterpart Kevin Correia, but it was the lack of offensive support and some late night defensive conceding that did the Padres in tonight. Top that with an awkward inside-the-park HR by Kurt Suzuki and you've got yourself a game worth skipping for some beer, ice cream, and an early bedtime. To be fair, that innie bounced from over the wall, indicating it was more than likely going to be a HR if challenged.

Buddy stares daggers into Seth Smith's questionable performance on Suzuki's not-that-cool-really "HR". This gif doubles as a visual representation of Bud and fans' reaction to the first half of the San Diego season.

Jedd Gyorko got himself an RBI today, along with Will Venable and Ian Kennedy himself. The lead was lost due to a wild pitch from Kennedy though, negating his go-ahead run. Overall the team's bats weren't non-existent, but left plenty to be desired tonight. The good news from earlier this week is that Andrew Cashner's elbow is going to be fine, and Carlos Quentin is miraculously going avoid the DL for now.

Honestly, this was a pity win for the Twins.

See you guys tomorrow at 6:10 PM, where we can watch Tyson Ross get himself a win over California native Phil Hughes.

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