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Andrew Cashner had MRI today to find cause of elbow soreness, prescribed rest and rehab

Joe Robbins

It was announced on Saturday that Padres ace, Andrew Cashner, would be placed on the 15 day disabled list due to soreness in the elbow. He had an MRI this morning to find out the cause of the soreness.  Cashner said in a taped interview over the weekend on Fox Sports SD that he thinks it's just inflammation and is hoping he'll return after 15 days of rest.  Manager Bud Black says Cashner is already feeling better.

While we wait for the results of the MRI, U-T columist Dennis Lin pored over Cashner's PITCHf/x stats in attempt to find the cause himself.  He was racing a machine, like mythical folk hero John Henry before him.  Lin discovered that Cashner had eliminated sliders from his repertoire in his last start.  He thinks this is a clue.

Cashner avoided slider in recent start |

In that outing, according to data tracked by PITCHf/x, Cashner did not throw a single slider among his 92 pitches. It was the first time in 40 career starts that he did not use the pitch.

In Darren Smith's interview with GM Josh Byrnes (MP3) this afternoon Byrnes announced that the MRI was complete but that he had yet to see the full results.  Byrnes said that the preliminary results that he heard through team trainers and Buddy Black are that the ligament is okay, and that the inflammation and soreness is likely more of a muscular issue.

Byrnes said he first became aware of the soreness after Cashner's start against Kansas City.

On a side note, I'm getting an MRI for my lower back next week.  If I get scared or claustrophobic I'm going to be brave like Andrew Cashner.


Rest and rehab recommended for Padres pitcher Andrew Cashner | News

"After performing an MRI today on Andrew's right elbow, our doctors have indicated to me that he has elbow soreness and irritation," Padres general manager Josh Byrnes said in a statement. "Based on our doctors' recommendation, we will be proceeding with rest and rehabilitation for his recovery."