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Padres with birthday home runs

Bob Levey

Eight players have homered on their birthday as a member of the Padres. This struck me as a bit too trivial to base a quiz around, so a table and bullet points seemed like the way to go.

Johnny Grubb 25 08/04/73
Terry Kennedy 26 06/04/82
Rob Nelson 25 05/17/89
Greg Vaughn 32 07/03/97
Ryan Klesko 29 06/12/00
Ryan Klesko 32 06/12/03
Ramon Hernandez 29 05/20/05
Scott Hairston 28 05/25/08
Alexi Amarista 25 04/06/14
  • A third of the occurrences happened on the player's twenty-fifth birthday.
  • Klesko's first time was the only one to take place in a loss.
  • Vaughn and Amarista hit theirs as pinch-hitters.
  • Nelson's birthday blast was the second of his four career homers.
  • Kennedy and Hairston each paired theirs with a double.
  • Hairston's was hit in the bottom of the ninth and sent the game to extra innings. The Padres won in the bottom of the eighteenth inning.
  • Grubb's was not only the first, but also the only one to be part of a three-hit game.