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Swinging Friars Show Up for 8-5 Victory

Following the previous game in no way whatsoever, the Padres bring the bats and walk away with a win.

Justin Edmonds

The San Diego Padres are the only Major League Baseball team to have won a baseball game in Denver, Colorado on May 17th, 2014. Put it in the history books, folks. A "rocky" start from Robbie Erlin was saved by the lineup today, as they took advantage of all that Coors Field has to offer.

The Padres were outhit today 14 to 10, but they made it hurt a whole lot more when they did; outscoring their mountain-dwelling division neighbors to the north 8 to 5. Erlin was able to last 5 innings, giving up 9 of those hits and 4 of those earned runs. Meanwhile, Jordan Lyles was lit up for three poor little innings allowing 6 earned runs in only 5 hits. His bullpen tried to carry that weight; but the Friars were able to tack on two more before the night was over.

It all started in the top of the first with a 1-out walk from
Everth Cabrera, followed by a Seth Smith walk. After the leadoff strikeout from Chris Denorfia and then a strikeout from Chase Headley following Smith's at-bat, recent batting hero Yonder Alonso smacked a hard double oppo into left field to drive Cabrera and Smith in. Alonso has been batting .300 the past week, with 6 hits and 4 RBI's.

Yonder Alonso throwing some power opposite field, continuing a pretty steady streak of doubles.

The Padres weren't quite done with the whole two-run-per-inning thing they had going on. Yasmani Grandal ribbied Alonso in (after ANOTHER double from the first baseman), and then Robbie Erlin showed him up, deciding he wanted in on the action; slicing up a pitch to drive Will Venable home.

Padres pitchers always get the job done, sometimes on offense. Erlin plates Venable with a base hit, extended to a double by CarGo's off-line throw.

Carlos Gonzales and Jordan Pacheco would end up answering with one run a piece in the 4th and 5th, and then another two from CarGo in the 6th. But the Padres still had that two-run-per-inning quota to fill and Carlos Quentin guest starred tonight as a pinch hitter to try to pad the Pads lead that was cut to 6-5. He delivered with a HR to knock him and Grandal in just before Rockies fans could get their 7th inning stretch going on.

Quentin treats the bat like it's an idiot after using it to hulk-smash an unexpecting baseball into deep left.

San Diego never lost their cool, and in turn never lost the lead. Despite another lackluster performance from Jedd Gyorko, our boys just will not seem to stop teasing us with the true appearance of offensive capability. Also, keeping the Rockies contained and trailing all night further highlighted the dominance of our bullpen, and we can look forward into another road series win tomorrow if we can keep up this good stuffs.

We'll get to see Donn Roach in the starting pitcher role tomorrow against Juan Nicasio.

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Today's game thread saw a little more action. Friar Fever put GLB on his back with the most comments, but there were no shiny shiny stars leading with recs.

Just kidding, it was TheThinGwynn again. Is there somebody I can report him to?