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Padres' Kyle Blanks trade to A's for Jake Goebbert and PTBNL is FRESH

Jason Miller

Kyle Blanks was traded to Oakland several days ago for outfielder Jake Goebbert and a PTBNL. I was on vacation and mostly away from the internet so I'm just now looking through reactions from media and bloggers, there wasn't much.  No one seems ecstatic about the trade from the Padres point of view, but most were realistic that Blanks was never going to be an integral part of the Padres' roster anyway.  Kyle dealt with many injuries with the Padres and never really fit neatly into a defensive position either.  He excelled in the minor leagues but never successfully made the transition to the Major Leagues by playing consistently.  With any luck the change of scenery will do him well and he will find personal success while Oakland in no way benefits from our loss.  No one seems to have anything to say about the acquisition of Goebbert.

This trade is on par with movies such as Date Night, American Psycho and The Rock.

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Large Men, Small Dogs, and a Boatload of Context | Padres Public
Unfortunately he is 27 years old and injury prone, has a long swing and no obvious defensive position. His home/road and left/right splits at the big-league level are almost nonexistent, so it’s hard to imagine a change of scenery or role helping.


Kyle Blanks: A career retrospective … " Follow The Padres
But Blanks’ career was derailed on numerous occasions by injuries — he had Tommy John surgery, shoulder surgery and has had various issues over the years. Staying on the field became an issue. When that becomes a trend, it’s hard for a team to pencil you into their long-term plans.

Rotten_mediumKyle Blanks Traded to the Oakland A’s for Jake Goebbert and PTBNL | Friarhood
Blanks was never given a shot in San Diego. You can’t keep putting a 6’6″ 265 in the OF and hoping he won’t get hurt. If the A’s play him at 1B/DH he will provide plenty of pop. Blanks was passed over for Anthony Rizzo, then Yonder Alonso without getting a real shot to play 1B on a regular basis. Now Blanks will finally have a chance to play his natural position.


It's not like Blanks was going to get a chance to play everyday in SD.

I am perplexed/disappointed by the Kyle Blanks trade. Looks more like a giveaway than a trade.


I liked Kyle Blanks but he never could put it together at the MLB level. Not entirely his fault. Hope for nothing but the best for him.