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The halfway-through-May beard update extravaganza


Justin Edmonds

What the f__k are May Beards?

Hello, babies! It is now just over halfway through the month of May, so I thought it would be a good time to see that beard progress.

As a reminder, here are some suggestions matthewverygood wrote up back in 2010 (coincidentally the first year I was around for May Beards!):

Here's the guidelines that I abide by, but you can do whatever. Just grow something. Maybe you'll like it.

  • Light grooming is allowed, especially if you need to because your shaggy appearance might get you fired from your job or make your girlfriend or wife find you less sexy.
  • Don't like beards? That's fine. Mustache it up then!
  • Ladies, you can join too. Be creative. I won't judge you.
  • Need some tips? This site has the goods.

Let's see those beards!! Leave a picture in the comments. It's guaranteed* to bring our Padres good luck!!

*not actually, but it'll make me really happy