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Andrew Cashner hits 15-day DL with elbow soreness

Are our worst fears coming true?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

So this happened.

I'm not sure who was the first reporter/writer to break the news, nor am I sure who was the first fan to speculate about a possible Tommy John surgery. I just know that all of a sudden this afternoon around 1:00-ish, my Twitter timeline exploded with typed-out cries of anguish and lamentation from the Padres social media community.

I could hear in the distance through the open windows in my room the sounds of sad quacks coming from the pond a couple blocks away from my house.

Everyone has assumed the worst, and with good reason, but I'm trying to remain positive and faith-keepy.  For instance, I almost immediately saw this as an opportunity for my forever-favorite Padre, Tim Stauffer. I conjectured the possibility of Stauff picking up the spot start in tomorrow's series finale, and maybe even for the remainder of Cash's DL stint, however long (but hopefully short) it ends up being. Unfortunately, Corey Brock dashed that hope fairly quickly.

Still looking at this as a positive, this will be an amazing opportunity for the young Donn Roach, and it'll be fun for Padres fans to see the future of the club on the mound tomorrow. And even more encouraging:

I know it's easy to be skeptical about a player trying to remain positive about an injury. Hopefully Cash's feelings are accurate and the MRI will show nothing too serious.

Anyway, feel free to vent in the comments and let's all just try to be here for each other. KTF, babies.