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SD 1, COL 3: One Is The Loneliest Number

The Padres trended another low-scoring loss, displaying patterns that we wish didn't exist.

Justin Edmonds

Coming off a hot series with the Reds, and an improving road record; the San Diego Padres fail to take advantage of everything that Coors Field has to offer. Meanwhile, a measly three runs is all it takes for the Rockies to consider themselves the winner of today's match to kick off the three game series in Colorado.

Both Eric Stults and Jorge De La Rosa seemed to match each other inning-for-inning. But a few sloppy plays ended up being the Friars' demise tonight. Stults threw six innings giving up only six hits, and only 1 of his 2 runs were earned when Gyorko wasn't able to field a lazy grounder into deep 2B/1B territory to end the inning before the run could cross the plate.

Again in the 8th, a slippery ball didn't allow Cabrera to flash his usual SS flare. His error ended up tossing another point onto the board for the Rockies. A few miscues and another late-night attempt to take the game back was what tied the Padres down for their 23rd loss of the season. Our losses seem to rhyme; with low scoring games always signed by a 9th inning rally that fizzles out before we can take back any leads.

Chase Headley scored our only RBI today, and as unfortunate as today's loss was; tomorrow we're not going to have it any easier. With Robbie Erlin throwing against Jordan Lyles; the Friars are going to have to start adopting the road antics we displayed in Cincinnati, or else we'll be gettng iced out in the mountains this weekend.

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Today was an extremely slow Friday at GLB. I was up at California Adventure and it was hot as heck.

Regardless, TheThinGwynn still somehow managed to get a rec. This is starting to get ridiculous.

usapadres showed up to carry the thread, today, along with jodes and TTG.