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MLB Draft 2014: Padres' farm/minor league depth

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses within the organizations minor league prospects.

With all of the various position groups now graded we need to take all that information figure out where the strengths and weaknesses are. Let's start by ordering each of the grades from highest to lowest (tie breaker goes to minor league level). I will leave out the major leagues and the "others". If you don't know what I'm talking about then I suggest clicking on the links in the side bar to find out.

AAA Pitching A-
AA Catching A-
HA Pitching B+
AA Outfield B+
A Corner Inf B+
HA Outfield B
AAA Corner Inf C+
A Outfield C+
AA Middle Inf C+
AA Pitching C+
HA Corner Inf C+
A Middle Inf C
A Pitching C
A Catching C-
AAA Outfield D+
AAA Middle Inf D
HA Catching D
AA Corner Inf F
HA Middle Inf F
AAA Catchers F

Looking at this list you can see that the areas the org is strong with fortifications soon on the way are with pitching (buyer beware: injuries), catching, outfield and middle infield. That just leaves the corner infield as a trouble spot. Which is really a shame since Chase Headley will be a free agent and Yonder Alonso is on shaky ground right now. The system also has some pitching waiting in the wings as a next wave that is currently in High A ball and some corner infielder help even further off.

The areas where the organization is weakest actually are not as bad as they look. Since the major league team is carrying 3 catchers and AA has Austin Hedges the AAA catching is not a worry. That trickles down to the High A and A ball catching since if even one of those other catchers pan out the team is not going to need any more top prospects at the position (although, it's a nice to have for future trades). The AAA OF is a little concerning but AA is so strong that you can imagine a couple of guys filling in the gap there by the end of the year.

The real concerns are with the High A and low A middle infield and the low A pitching, especially since these are areas that gaps that can be filled in by the draft. Middle infielders tend to redistribute themselves throughout the diamond, so you really do not want the org to get too thin. With pitching you can never have enough. Injuries and stalls in development happen so frequently that you need wave after wave coming to the rescue. It would be wise for the team to address these two positional groups in the draft.

Another noticeable issue with the system is the lack of corner infielders. The team has a nice prospect in A ball named Dustin Peterson, but lacks 1B or any depth at 3B other than him. If you are reading between the lines, the organization lacks power. Hunter Renfroe and Rymer Liriano provide some. Well Renfroe provides a lot, but he is just one guy. The franchise's focus on speed and defense is a solid philosophy, but offenses function better when they have a couple of big boppers. The Padres shouldn't reach for a power 1B, but having some future for the organization at that position would be beneficial.