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2014 Red Panama Grass (Padres Anagrams)

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a few years since we've done a Padres anagram post, so I thought this off day would be a good time to do one. This time around I used this website because the old one we used to use isn't running anymore. Rather than just give you one anagram, this new site lists all possible anagrams, so I tried to pick the best one(s) for each player. I also did the coaching staff and some of the front office.

There are a lot of really good ones, but my favorites are Bobby LaFramboise, Keyvius Sampson, and Huston Street. I also like the San Diego Padres anagram, "Garden is soaped." Someone better tell Luke Yoder. I bet the Giants were behind it. 

Padres 2014 Anagrams
Name Anagram
Joaquin Benoit Equation In Job
Andrew Cashner

Wanna Rec Herds

Ache Warns Nerd

Scanned Her Raw

Robbie Erlin Broil In Beer
Jesse Hahn He's She Jan
Casey Kelly Yes Clay Elk
Ian Kennedy Nine Yanked
Bobby LaFramboise

Bombers Of Baby Oil

Boobies of Brambly

Robs Baby of Mobile

Cory Luebke

Lure By Coke

OK Bye Ulcer

Juan Pablo Oramas

No Labour Pajamas

Panama US Oral Job

Kevin Quackenbush Buck Knavish Queen
Donn Roach

No Corn Had

Hard-On Con

Tyson Ross

Snorts Soy

Keyvius Sampson Move Ass Up In Sky
Burch Smith Mr. Bush Itch
Tim Stauffer

True Mastiff

Mature Stiff

I'm True Staff

Muff Artiste

Huston Street

Enters To Shut

Those Entrust

Store The Nuts

Utter Hotness

Eric Stults

Sister Cult

Lest I Crust

Dale Thayer

Death Layer

Hate Dearly

Lady Heater

Eat Her Lady

Thy Dear Ale

Alex Torres

Extras Role

Rear Lot Sex

Joe Wieland

We Join Dale

One We'd Jail

Yasmani Grandal

Angry Salami DNA

Grand Salami, Nay

Sangria Man Lady

Nick Hundley Kidney Lunch
Rene Rivera Ever In Rear
Yonder Alonso

Soon Read-Only

Sly Rodeo Anon

Everth Cabrera

Braver Cheater

The Bear Carver

Cart Her Beaver

Jedd Gyorko Dog Dry Joke
Chase Headley

Ached Eyelash

Hey Dale Aches

Aye He Clashed

Ryan Jackson Canon Sky Jar
Tommy Medica

Mid-May Comet

Jace Peterson Jeep Ancestor
Alexi Amarista

A Material Axis

Alas I'm Irate Ax

Yeison Asencio Easy Coin Noise
Kyle Blanks Sly Elk Bank
Chris Denorfia

Horrified Scan

Riders Of China

Coriander Fish

Drain His Force

Reymond Fuentes

Tree Money Funds

Enemy Unfrosted

Rymer Liriano I'm Rarely Iron
Cameron Maybin

Cambrian Money

Can Maybe Minor

Be My Main Acorn

Carlos Quentin

Clinton Square

Conquer Stalin

Conquer Latins

Seth Smith The Smiths
Will Venable

New Evil Ball

We'll Nab Evil

Buddy Black Bald By Duck
Phil Plantier Nip Lip Lather
Alonzo Powell All Plow Ozone
Darren Balsley Relabels Randy
Jose Valentin Violent Jeans
Dave Roberts Observed Art
Willie Blair I'll Wire Bail
Justin Hatcher Injures Thatch
Griffin Benedict Erect Fib Finding
Ron Fowler We Forlorn
Mike Dee Die Meek
Wayne Partello

Two-Lane Player

Mike Dee Die Meek
Josh Stein Oh In Jests
Omar Minaya I'm Any Aroma
Luke Yoder Louder Key
Randy Smith Trashy Mind
San Diego Padres

Egos And Despair

Garden Is Soaped

A One-Sided Grasp

No Anagrams Found:

  • Nick Vincent
  • Josh Johnson
  • Josh Byrnes
  • Glenn Hoffman
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