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Blow off some steam, rant about your team

Thearon W. Henderson

I love a good Twitter rant.  It's my feeling that these exercises in venting about your team are healthy.  Fans need to take the opportunity to blow off some steam every so often.  Baseball is an incredibly frustrating game for everybody involved.  You better believe that players, management, coaches and owners feel the same way some times.

I remember being a little shocked that when Dex wrote his post about the teams we hate and he didn't put the Padres at the bottom of his list.  His feeling was that there are some teams, as a fan, you don't even think about, while in reality you spend a fair amount of time hating your team.  It makes sense when you think about it.

It's only when that's all you do, when you become annoying.  The Foul Weather Fans are out in full force right now.  They go silent when the Padres are playing well and they come out of the woodwork when the team is flailing.  They love the attention it brings them.  Myself, I can't stand them, but I also don't trust Positive Polly either who never gives up on the team.  I think everybody hates there team sometimes.

CBS White House Correspondent, Major Garrett, ranted about the Padres poor offense this morning.  He concludes by saying it felt good.  It felt good to read too, because a lot of us are feeling the same way.