The Outfield Dilemma

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The Padres have a lot of players who are average enough to play in the outfield for the team. There's nine different players who've played multiple games (Alonso has played one, Cashner has played one out) in the Padres outfield between last year and now, and are still on our 40 man roster. Outfield only players currently on the roster are, Will Venable, Seth Smith, Chris Denorfia, Cameron Maybin and Xavier Nady. In addition to those five, there's super utility player Alexi Amarista. On the DL we have Carlos Quentin, and we have 1B/OFs Kyle Blanks and Tommy Medica currently in AAA.

The team started the season with Maybin and Quentin on the DL and Kyle Blanks in El Paso (and deservedly so), which helped give playing time to our hot starting outfielders Chris Denorfia and Seth Smith. With Maybin now back and Quentin beginning baseball activities, there is a jam in the outfield. Every player has his pluses and his minuses, in addition to the injuries that we all know are going to happen, so here's words and numbers about each player because those are fun.

Will Venable: He's been on the team longest out of all of the outfielders. He's hitting like a five-year old so far this year with a .198 batting average that's below the Mendoza Line, while managing to keep a 31% K%. Venable also hasn't given the steals he normally provides. The main reason why Venable sticks in the lineup is because his defense is sixth among all league outfielders in RZR (Revised zone rating) and tied for first in the league in the OOZ (out of zone plays made). For a brief explanation of the fielding stats

Chris Denorfia: Arguably are best hitter so far this year, Chris has started in 19 out of our 28 games this year, which is probably less then his .344 OBP, and .430 slugging, while only striking out eleven times has earned him. OPS of .744 is good for highest on the team. Chris can play all three outfield spots and is ranked 22th in the league in RZR, so his defense isn't to shabby either. His platoon splits this year have been the opposite as throughout his career, where he's significantly better against lefties, but this year his OBP is 42 points higher against righties.

Seth Smith: The player we traded set up man Luke Gregerson for, hit two dingers early in the season, and has a .361 OBP, having reaching base on 28 of his 84 PA, but will probably eventually regress to his career average that's 20 points lower. His .400 SLG is around his career averages but he hasn't played frequently enough for it to really matter.

Alexi Amarista: The perfect example of Bud Black's incompetence. Alexi is getting on base .272% of the time, with a 20% K%. Our lack of health at all positions, combined with his ability to play all positions, is what has allowed this player with a .275 career OBP and only a 6% BB% to play in the 27 of our games. I mentioned that the reason why he's been in the lineup so often is his ability to play all positions, but he's not good defensively at any positions outside left. Please get him out of the lineup ASAP.

Cameron Maybin: The recently healed (but soon to be reinjured *makes sad face*) center fielder, is a top defensive outfielder, but like the rest of our team he's often injured and can't hit. He has 23% K% which is below average, averages eleven homeruns per 162 games, and has a .311 career OBP. Hopefully he doesn't quickly re injure himself like last year, but I've lost hope in the health of any player wearing a Padres jersey.

Carlos Quentin: Finally someone who can hit, when he's healthy. He has a .350 career OBP, and only a 15% K%. Sadly that's not often, Quentin is currently scheduled to start a rehab assignment this weekend and should be up by the rest of the month. That would put him in a position to play 120 games this season, 30 games over his career average, so I'm staying pessimistic.

Xavier Nady: The journyman outfielder who also started his career here hasn't been very good in his limited playing time so far, getting on base .256% of the time. Nady played only in AAA last year and had a.360 OBP in the hitter-friendly PCL. He's probably the one being sent down once Quentin comes back.

Tommy Medica: He's only played in five major league games in the outfield, but made the team's roster after a very strong spring training to play in left and at first. Medica hit one home run, but only got on base seven times in his 33 attempts, before getting demoted to El Paso.

Kyle Blanks: The streaky and oft-injured 1B/LF is trying really hard to get back on the roster with seven home runs and a .378 OBP in El Paso this year, but striking out 1/4 times, and inability to hit off righties is keeping him off the roster, that and the fact that he's scheduled for another injury.

I'm sorry if I made anyone cry with this very depressing post, I swear that it was never my intent.

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