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Marlins 8, Padres 2: Stults Gets Poor Results

Mike Ehrmann

Well, that sucked.

Eric Stults got rocked early and often, and Donn Roach didn't do much better in his place. All twelve Marlins fans who showed up were treated to a mess of runs. Giancarlo Stanton set the tone for the game in the bottom of the first when he gave everyone whiplash with a screamer that came to rest far, far beyond the centerfield fence. It was later determined to be the longest in the short history of their garish park. Stults gave up three more runs in the third, and gave way to Roach with a line of seven hits, a walk, and five earned runs in four innings.

The offense was similarly inept, although Jedd Gyorko picked up his first hit of the season and then another one just for kicks. He and Yonder Alonso drove in the Padres' only two runs of the game in the sixth, one inning after the team loaded the bases with one out and walked away with nothing.

Left handed three-out guy Alex Torres was the only Padres pitcher who avoided contributing to the Marlins' run parade. He allowed a single to Jarrod Saltalamacchia in his inning of work before giving way to Nick Vincent, who put the cherry on the top of Miami's rundae.

Tomorrow's game will be at the same place and time, with Andrew Cashner facing Jose Fernandez in an ace-off.

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