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Batting Practice at Petco Park


Monday night was the Padres 2014 Padres Preview Night for the media, distinguished guests, Jbox and me.  Based on what I saw on Opening Night I was really looking forward to this event.

Sunday night I took the fam down for opening night and was amazed at how much has changed around Petco Park during the offseason.  I heard renovations in the neighborhood of $5 million dollars was spent.  It really showed.  Besides a super clear larger video screen behind the batters' eye, a lot of new eateries and drinking spots were created (more on that later).  This was clearly the best off season renovation to Petco since the park opened ten years ago.  So I was obviously excited for this years preview night more so than ever.

We arrived early and I was anxious to get in the cage and hit some balls, before chowing down on all the new grub offered this year.  As you may or may not know Jbox has been on the DL for a few weeks now with a back problem and couldn't hit, hell he could barely walk.  So he ended up doing his thing while I got in line to hit.

The Lobshots crew ended up getting in line with me to hit.  I missed out on Spring Training this year so it was great catching up.  Between Jbox's sciatica and crick in Dex's neck the GLB's age is really starting to show.  Don't you worry though, ol' J Dub still keeps himself in shape and has no problem hitting a ball or two.  And I tell you what, Brady can really hit the crap out of a baseball.  If you can handle yet another batting cage video check it out...

With so many new choices in food and drink I didn't get a chance to eat as much as I would have liked on Monday Night.  I just don't have the capacity.  Good thing we were invited back down last night for "A Taste of Petco Park".  Stay tuned for a review on that shortly.  The ballpark has really changed this year so get down there!