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Quiz: Padres pitchers with 15 or more losses in a season

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

Pitchers' win/loss records are largely useless to me, but the fact remains that they're still a thing. Since the Padres have lost a great deal of their games over the years, a lot of their starting pitchers have worn a bunch of scarlet L's whether they personally merited them or not. Sixteen different San Diego starters have been saddled with 15 or more losses in a season, and you have all of four minutes to name as many of them as you can.

Most of you know the drill, but for the uninitiated I have two things to say. First, welcome! Second, once you're done with the quiz, log your results into the poll and comment away, remembering to use SBN's way-cool spoiler bar feature over names where applicable.