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SD 0, WSH 4: Padres Don't Bother

Instead of showing up to contest the Nationals after giving them batting practice last night, the Padres decide to sleep in this morning.

Greg Fiume

In a lousy Saturday morning effort, the San Diego Padres opted to get some not-so-earned shut eye. Or at least it seemed that's what we were focused on doing. The Washington Gnats were able to snuff out our Friars with a single Tanner Roark, striking out 8 and only walking one. His complete game effort stranded 9 Padres on base and only allowed Chris Denorfia, Jedd Gyorko, and Rene Rivera to muster up a hit apiece.

On the flip side, ace Andrew Cashner had a second not-so-stellar start. Partially due to a fumbling middle infield collecting errors like starter Pokemon (with one wrongly counted as a hit) in addition to a poor throw from Yonder Alonso for 3 total, Cash allowed three "earned" runs in the 1st that the Padres couldn't answer all game.

Yasmani Grandal at least enjoyed the day off.

It's a consolation knowing somebody got to see their team play today.

Adding insult to injury; Denard Span drove in an RBI with a single in the 6th that the Padres wouldn't even come close to letting faze them as they continued their quest to get shut out 4-0 for the day.

Good news? Nobody got injured and tomorrow we're going to split the series. With all the rest we had today we'll be back at full strength and ready to leave Washington no later than 3pm, this time on a good note. We haven't lost a 4 game series all season, so that's a pretty good bet. Ian Kennedy has my back.

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