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Andrew Cashner plays 1/3 of an inning in left field

ANDREW CASHNER DOES IT ALL. And Tim Stauffer makes a fantastic play.

If you weren't watching the Padres-Nationals game tonight, you missed Andrew Cashner adding yet another skill to his major league resume.

We've seen him pitch a one-hit complete-game shutout... twice. We've seen him hit... and hit for power. And we've seen him come in late in the game as a pinch runner. But after tonight it seems as if we've seen everything Cash has to offer.

In the bottom of the 11th of an already kinda weird game at Nationals Park, Buddy Black put in Cash to play left field for one out. The explanation is that they wanted to be able to pull the double switch and put Tommy Medica in the lineup right where they wanted him.

Now I'm sure they didn't expect him to lay out for a ball if it came his way, so don't lose your mind about him risking injury by being out there on the field. Thankfully, the ball came nowhere near him because Tim Stauffer was his STAWESOME self and snagged the comebacker from Jayson Werth before exiting the game.

It was awesome.

And just for good measure, Cashner showed off that he would've been ready to catch a popup if it came his way.