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Padres 2, Brewers 5: Bats Break Under Brewwie Pitching

Bat splinters and shards prove to be a horrible metaphor for Padre hitting in series loss.

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Surprisingly enough, tonight 2 runs just wasn't enough to take the game and the series against the Brewers. Both our offense and defense alike decided they were overall pretty bored of Milwaukee and saw to it that a low-production evening would carry us to a loss so we could fly away and continue our road trip into Washington.

Everth Cabrera started off the 5 o'clock game with a blast into deep center field for a stand-up double. Followed by a sacrifice fly from Seth Smith, our Padres were on the board nice and quick. They've done a good job with early leads, but it didn't take long before the Brewnies to start piling on the runs. An early uninspired RBI double from Ryan Braun followed by a pair of HR's later in the game weighed the Friars down for the remainder of the night.

It took a single in the 5th by Seth Smith, a single in the 6th by Chris Denorfia, an RBI single in the 7th by Nick Hundley, combined with a pair of singles from Will Venable and Yonder Alonso to arrive at an unimpressive 2 runs scored for the night. These low-scoring non-hitting bouts have become commonplace for the season so far, and as much as we all love the "White Glove Guys" jingle during commercial breaks; too much of a good thing without some time in between can be a little much.

At this point there's not much more to be learned from a loss than there is to be learned from a win. Both are low-scoring, drudging efforts by our lineup. The only usual variable we're used to seeing is a dominant pitching performance; especially from Tyson Ross. We've been spoiled by his last outing against the Giants, as he gave us eight innings of pitching to watch allowing no runs and serving 9 tasty strikeouts.

Tonight he was missing his spots floating high in the strikezone and had us sit through 6 not-so-nice innings giving up 6 hits, 5 runs (all earned), 2 walks, 2 home runs, and only three strikeouts. Yikes.

The Padres lose the series against the Brewhemian Rhapsody, and thus start our 10 game road trip 1-2. So let's pick up the pieces of our shattered bats laying around Miller Park and hope for better luck in Washington tomorrow.

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