Padres 2, Brewers 1: Headley decides 12 is enough; Padres win in extra-innings

Mike McGinnis

With a pitching ERA of 2.7 and allowed AVG of .218, Padres pitching has been top five in the league for the 2014 season so far. Couple that with being the bottom five in hitting and you have yourself a juicy combination for low scoring games susceptible to extra innings. Now, extra innings can be fun. It's more baseball! It's tense! But today Chase Headley made the decision that 12 innings of baseball was enough for a Tuesday night when he came up to bat with the bases empty and decimated a hanging breaking pitch into deep right-center field.

Headley's second HR of the season was enough to keep the Mugatu-endorsed flamin'-hot Brewers down. Couple that with Ian Kennedy pitching a solid six innings holding the Brew-Brews to 4 hits and 1 run, while striking out five and pitching himself out of a bases-loaded scenario in the bottom of the third, and you've got yourself win number 10 for the Padres.

Kennedy also found that going into the fifth inning with no run support isn't going to cut it, so he did what any respectable Padre would do while at bat with runners in scoring position; and laid down a fat bunt to allow Yonder Alonso to score on the squeeze, who had reached third base on a double followed by a single by Chris Denorfia.

Overall the Padres didn't do much with the 7 hits that we got a hold of. Grounding out sixteen times and striking out twelve times to match the Brewers' twelve; we mirrored the Brewers almost inning-for-inning with our 7H, 1R, 1ER, 4BB, 12SO, and 1HR. We focused on small-ball and got the win the way we know how: bunts and rally bananas.

Late game supporting efforts by Nick Vincent, Joaquin Benoit, and Donn Roach kept the Bräu-Cräu to 1 hit a piece and Dale Thayer and his mustache produced 0 hits to allow absolutely nothing offensively productive for Milwaukee. Houston Street then strut onto the mound, slamming the door quite hard on the top of the Milwaukee lineup and making Ryan Braun look silly with a 90MPH strike three down the middle to end the game. That's a notched 7th save in 7SVO for Street. Getting the Padres into double-digit wins.

So where does that leave us? Well, at a .476 winning percentage and two games back from first place. But other than that, we're seeing a team with a very consistent dominance in our starting rotation and bullpen alike who are unfortunately wrapped around an offense with an affinity for grounding into double plays and bunting. But it's not a terrible place to be as it leaves a clear objective moving forward into this 10 game road trip:

Kick up the rally potassium and warm up them bats.

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