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Quiz: Players who were both Padres and Dodgers


Note: This post was originally published on April 2, 2014. It has been updated to include two players who joined the club during the 2014 season. It does not include the recently-traded Matt Kemp, Yasmani Grandal, Joe Wieland, or Tim Federowicz since they have yet to play a regular-season game with their new teams, and I already made that mistake once when I prematurely included Josh Johnson on a list of alliteratively-named Padres. We now return to your regularly scheduled rerun.

I started making this quiz last winter and forgot about it, but with the Dodgers in town, now seemed like the perfect time to finish it up and put it out on Front Street. It's the largest quiz I've made so far, weighing in at 93 95 names, and one that I expect will produce low success rates. I doubt the results will be as low as they were for the quiz about guys who wore number one, but I could be wrong. It has happened before. Shocking, I know.

You get ten minutes to hammer out all of the last names you can remember or guess. I've provided the years the players hit the field for each team, and arranged the names in alphabetical order for bonus hintitude. Once you run out of time and wipe the sweat from your brow, log your results in the poll below. Feel encouraged to discuss the ones you got right and the ones you missed in the comments section, but use the spoiler bar feature where applicable.