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Padres Media Preview Night 2014

Jon and I attended Padres Media Night on Monday on your behalf. There were some people there from the print media, a ton of radio people (some of which I don't think were invited) and a few bloggers. There were 5 guys there from Padres Public, one or two from Friarhood, one from Lobshots and then Jon and I from Gaslamp Ball.

We checked in at the main gate and were given a Padres Membership card that could be used at the turnstiles to enter the ballpark. I don't think it was a real membership card, but rather it was an example that showed us how the process of entering the park would work for members. It worked like a charm.

Once we entered the park we were directed to the field through the visitor's dugout. In the foul territory there was large assortment of food and beverage tables from the vendors who have a home at Petco Park. Behind home plate were some tables showing examples of Padres programs that they're promoting this year. On the field was a pitching machine.

In the past I would have made a beeline to the field to take batting practice or play catch, but with my recent back problems and lingering sciatica I made new media feel old. I grabbed a slider from Hodad's and perused the 2014 game giveaways. I stood next to memorabilia expert RJ's Fro and studied him as he studied the merchandise. He didn't seem all that enthused. I was instantly attracted to the 1984 Padres Jersey that they'll hand out on May 24th.

Once I got a chance to ask a few questions I found out which player's jerseys they'd be giving away and they put some of them on display. When I heard they'd have a Ed Whitson jersey I made a crack about him being best known for being shirtless which got a very light very polite chuckle from around the table.

Before I could tweet the punchline, you all beat me to it. You're too quick for me.

Other giveaway items included Petco Park wall art, a picnic blanket, assorted ball caps, a floppy hat, a sports bag and schedule clings. Nothing terribly exciting but nothing terrible either.

Jon got in line with Brady from Lobshots to hit the cages. He's editing the video right now, so sit tight. I took the time to gorge myself on food and drink. I ate a Hodad's slider, a Lucha Libre taco, a taster cup of tuna, a half rack of ribs from Phil's, a Philly Cheesesteak, a tri-tip sandwich and a chipwich before the night was through. I think my favorite was Tri-tip sandwich, I can't even remember which restaurant it was from. I had trouble keeping track of it all, but tried to take pictures.

Later we went to the outfield to play catch. I'm usually super wild when I get on the field due to excitement and the chance to show off the ol' cannon in front of the media, but I was strangely accurate when forced into a slow delivery because of back pain. I probably shouldn't have participated but I couldn't resist. It was a fun night all in all, mostly because of the chance to catch up with Padres employees, other bloggers and media members. It led to me laying in bed with a heating pad for the remainder of the night but it was worth it.