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Padres crush Giants 2-1 in first meeting of the season

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I went to the game last night. I was at Phil's BBQ and missed some exciting Chris Denorfia action in the first inning.  I'm watching the condensed game on the MLB app right now to figure out what I missed out on.

Denorfia started the Giants half of the inning with a diving play that resulted in the a ground rule double, but pitcher Tyson Ross was able to escape without any further hits.  In the Padres half of the first, Denorfia smoked a ball to right center, getting to third on what looked like an errant throw.  He scored soon after when Matt Cain threw a wild pitch to Yasmani Grandal, giving the Padres a 1-0 lead that would last most of the game.

I made it to my seats soon after in section 323, my new hangout.  Tyson Ross and Matt Cain dueled forever, the crowd could be heard audibly begging for something to happen.  I ate a disgusting veggie dog as penance for missing the first inning.

In the seventh inning Ross allowed two base runners on a hit and a walk, but Everth Cabrera started a double play that got the Padres out of the jam.  There were pretty big cheers from the crowd after that play, even from the Giants fans around me who weren't paying attention and just clapping because everyone else was.

Grandal hit a solo shot giving the Padres a much needed insurance run, since Huston Street would later give up a meaningless homer to Brandon Belt.  Padres win!

In the Game Thread jodes0405 led Gaslamp Ballers in the number of comments and recs, getting a buttload of the latter.  She put on a clinic in there.

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