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Tony Gwynn continues battle with cancer, now out indefinitely as coach of SDSU baseball

In the past week I'd been noticing that more and more people were coming to Gaslamp Ball looking for articles related to Tony Gwynn's health.  It made me worry because I figured it must mean that his condition had changed.

Apparently Gwynn is no longer able to coach full time at San Diego State University.  He is now out indefinitely.  As best as I can tell there has been no formal announcement, but there was an update on Twitter from last night's game:

Just two months ago Gwynn agreed to an interview with Fox 5 San Diego.  It was announced for the first time publicly that he had had another bout with cancer in Fall of 2013 and was still in recovery. He appeared on the field with his face wrapped in bandages, but was coaching full time.  He said then:

Things seem like they're going in the right direction, but with cancer you just never know.

UPDATE 4/21:

SDSU made an official announcement.

Tony Gwynn takes time off from coaching Aztecs | FOX5 San Diego

San Diego State head coach Tony Gwynn left the baseball team about 4 weeks ago after cancer treatments caught up with him, according to an athletic department official Monday.

The sports information director for the baseball team said Gwynn had been getting treatments for cancer on Mondays and decided to take time off.