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Switchfoot previews the Padres season

Mary Ann Chastain

Billboard Magazine is doing a series where musicians preview their "hometown" baseball team.  The San Diego Padres ended up with the Christian rock band Switchfoot, specifically brothers Tim and Jon Foreman. I'm not familiar with their music at all, so I'm getting to know them through this article.

The brothers don't get off to the best start in my eyes since they're from Boston and haven't totally and completely rejected their allegiances to the Red Sox.  San Diego has far too many Boston transplants for my liking and they never stop talking about their teams, ever.

Play Ball: Switchfoot Previews San Diego Padres' 2014 Season | Billboard

"Both have Red Sox allegiances from being partially raised in Boston, though being San Diego residents, they most closely identify as Padres fans."

The preview itself is light fare as you'd expect.  It does seem like they follow the team though, since they know that Chase Headley hasn't been living up to expectations and that Cameron Maybin and Carlos Quentin are both injured.  Though I guess you could say that about almost any season in the past few years and be right more often then you are wrong.  They mention Seth Smith and he's new, so they've got that going for them.

In the end, they conclude that the Padres have a chance because really all teams have at least some chance this early in the season.

For me, anything is possible and we’ve been close before and who knows, maybe this is our year.

An interesting factoid, they played a gig at phone company ballpark and had to agree to not wear Padres gear, but they did it anyway.  That earned them some points in my score book.

The Giants were playing the Padres and they had a strict contract that we had to sign that we wouldn’t wear any Padres paraphernalia. My brother snuck in his socks; I think that went under the radar.

On a side note, I remember seeing a pretty sweet 78 away jersey at the Padres garage sale for a cheap price, I turned it over and it said Switchfoot across the back.  Needless to say I didn't buy it.