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Padres fans sing along to Top Gun scene

Laurence Griffiths

Between innings last night the Padres played the scene from Top Gun where Maverick serenades Charlie in the San Diego Naval Officer's Club.  If I'm being perfectly honest, I credit it for yesterday's Padres win, not Cashner's complete game shutout.

When Charlie allows Maverick to take a seat next to her at the bar after the first verse of "You've Lost that Loving Feeling", the video clip turned into a mash-up of the Righteous Brothers' version of the song.  It was executed perfectly.  Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" blasted around the ballpark's new sound system. I'm pretty sure it energized the team and made me feel like I was launched off a carrier deck and flew inverted over a MIG.

For a moment I was worried though because my favorite part of the scene is when Sundown takes hold of the microphone and sings the bridge while the rest of the seamen sing the bass line. I've always dreamed that I could sing this part if I ever found myself in the Navy and covering my wingman at a bar.  Fortunately the movie soundtrack and the song played together at that part.

I tweeted:

Everyone and I mean everyone agreed.  It's so much better than that tired "We Will Rock You" clip featuring the cast of Cheers.

Tonight I wasn't at the game but the Padres played the clip again, I hope it does become "a thing" and that fans start to sing along.  Eventually we'll get so into it that an impromptu volleyball game will break out in the sand beyond the centerfield wall and we'll all be slapping at the ball wearing only our Levi's.  I can't wait.