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Padres AAA team pranks Jeff Francoeur, convinces him teammate is deaf

Jim McIsaac

The Padres AAA organization, the El Paso Chihuahuas, convinced Jeff Francoeur that his teammate Jorge Reyes was deaf.

I'll let Pat Murphy the team's manager do the setup:

We all yelled "heads up!"  Everybody moved, except Jorge who played it off.  Francoeur shook his head and said "That's amazing, he's the only one who didn't move".

"Yeah Jeff, he's deaf."

And so it began. Ever since then the team has continued the prank at Francoeur's expense.  Chihuahua 3B Brooks Conrad says Francoeur is the perfect person to play the trick on because he doesn't pay attention to anything, ever.  The rest of the team calls him an "idiot".

Cody Decker told the story of the prank through a hilarious YouTube video featuring all of your favorite Padres minor leaguers.  It's great and will go viral very soon, if it hasn't already.

The best part is in the end credits when Francoeur is shown the video and he still looks like he doesn't believe that Reyes can hear.