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Quiz: Padres pitchers with a complete-game one-hit shutout

Denis Poroy

This is one of those quizzes where you get a free answer going into it, because you've already heard about the complete-game one-hit shutout gem Andrew Cashner pitched against the Tigers last night. In fact, you get two free answers since that wasn't Cashner's first rodeo. He's the only guy to have done the deed twice -- and both of those times were in his last five starts, at that.

You have three minutes to recall or guess the other thirteen names. As a matter of fact, you only have to get a dozen names since two of the pitchers share a last name. Don't overthink it; it's one you'd likely guess first anyway. There, now you're basically down to 11. I'm going to end this paragraph before I give them all away.

When you're done, you know the drill. Log your results in the poll and comment 'til your little heart's content, remembering to be vigilant in spoiler-proofing names where applicable.