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Game Thread: 04/01 Padres vs.Dodgers

It's a perfectly sunny San Diego day! APRIL FOOL'S. ALL OF SD IS WET FOR OPENING DAY.

Denis Poroy

I know a lot of you are thinking, "But we already haaaad Opening Day; it can't be Opening Day AGAIN." But YOU'RE WRONG. Sunday was Opening NIGHT and today is Opening DAY and if that confuses you, well then you're like most people and it's totally understandable. But just go with it, because either way we get real, legit Padres baseball and that is glorious.

San Diego is SO excited that we get another Opening Day that it wet itself. Got Petco Park nice and wet for all the beautiful Padres fans entering it through all the different openings today. Word on the internet is that the rain is supposed to stop around 1:00 this afternoon and we'll have a sunny first pitch, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh, it's also April Fool's Day. So there's that. Don't believe ANYTHING YOU HEAR when people come to you with big announcements like, "I'm pregnant!" or "The Dodgers are going to take the NL West this year!" Because those people are DIRTY, FILTHY LIARS and you really don't want to go making friends with people like that.

Here's something you CAN believe, though, because I wouldn't lie to you. Find me at the game today and get yourself a LIMITED EDITION GASLAMP BALL STICKER. There will be the usual Neil the Beerman meetup/tweetup (in other words, Brickhouse Deli in/around the middle of the 4th inning), but if you happen to see me at the park at any other time during the game feel free to come say hi and ask for a sticker. Either way, we're sure to have a good, awkward time.