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Birthday Card: Ed Acosta turns 69 or 70

I check Baseball-Reference just about every day to see which, if any, Padres were born on that date. Along with Benito Santiago, Justin Leone, and John Curtis, Ed Acosta will be blowing out candles today. Exactly how many candles, I'm not certain. You see, B-R has his birthday as March 9, 1944, but the one baseball card I have of him has the year listed as 1945.


It seems like a cut-and-dry case of a ballplayer shaving a year off his age; in Jim Bouton's groundbreaking book Ball Four, he described the practice as being prevalent at the time. I did a little research, but couldn't find any mention of Acosta getting busted for falsifying his age. That could be due to forty years passing and Ed not being quite as high-profile as a Miguel Tejada (nee Tejeda) or Roberto Hernandez (f.k.a. Fausto Carmona), but more likely he just corrected it after his career was over and it was a moot point.