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Minor League Opening Day Ticket Anyone?

The Lake Elsinore Storm is offering even more incentive to support the Special Olympics

Storm Baseball

The Lake Elsinore Storm announced today that every $5 donated to the Special Olympics to the Storm Team, will receive an opening day ticket for the Storm's April 10th game against the Lancaster Jethawks! Quite the incentive since you're help someone else while rewarding yourself!

This offer is in effort to finish off the teams goal of raising $2000 to go towards Southern California's Inland Empire Special Olympics programs!

With the my insane amount of shameless promotion of this event all week, I must finally say that this will be the final article on the topic before pictures arise! And come on, you definitely want to see our minor league's staff, dressed in superhero costumes, soaking wet and in 35 degree weather!

Click here and follow the instructions on the Storm Baseball Facebook page and help us out while helping yourself!

We'll see you at the Diamond!