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Padres 6, Brewers 2: Friars Get Offense And Pitching Together

Really good things happen when you have hot bats and hot arms.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what you need to know about today's victory over the Brewers:

Alex Dickerson lined one over the right field wall.


Rico Noel hit a home run the only way he knows how: Inside the park.


There was some other good stuff, sure. Tyson Ross threw three scoreless innings, picking up a trio of strikeouts in the process. Robbie Erlin followed him with two scoreless innings, allowing just one walk while striking out two. Matt Wisler got a couple innings against some major leaguers. It wasn't an audition for the rotation, just a chance to work on some of his stuff. Scooter Gennett took him yard, but it was a great opportunity for one of the most promising arms in the system.

Josh Johnson gets the start against the Cactus League-leading Indians at 12:05 PM PST tomorrow.

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