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The Boys of Summer

We wait with great anticipation and eyes set on the future of the 2014 season.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The warm Southern California breeze has begun to blow, and soon our San Diego boys of summer will be scattering our field of green and dawning blue, white and gold once again.

Any true baseball fan can feel the nearing of the upcoming 2014 season in their bones. The sounds and smells of Spring aren't truly fulfilled without the accompaniment of the smell of fresh cut grass and an old leather baseball.

The ranks have yet to be split, and possibility is still lingering in the Spring Training air. Every team within our system is deep in preparation for opening day, and as anticipation begins to grow, so do expectations.

Padre fans will be more than pleased with what our affiliates have to offer them this year. From our players, to our food, to our themed game days, there is much fun to be had for our many Friar lovers.

We're ready, are you?