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Famed Squatcher backs Padres PA announcer finalist

I don't think I mention this much on the blog but I'm genuinely really interested in cryptozoology, the paranormal, conspiracy theories and aliens.  Probably more so than baseball.  

In fact long before we started this Padres blog Dex and I started writing a book together.  We began sometime in our senior year of high school.  We called our book A Prey of an Abject Funk, because it's always important to start with a good title. It was about Sasquatch, naturally.  The plan was we'd both start writing and then we'd tie our stories together.  We both wrote a chapter and quickly realized that that's not how you write a book.  It's amazing with our track record that this Padres blog lasted 9 years.

At another point we wanted to become psychics or investigate psychics or something.  Maybe our crazy business ideas come from the fact that I've never been one of those people that ever had a dream job.  Sometimes though when I'm watching Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet, like I often do, I'll convince myself that that's what I was meant to do.  It just seems like such an interesting life.

So imagine my surprise when star of Finding Bigfoot and famed Squatcher "Bobo" tweeted his support of a Padres PA announcer finalist, who's trying out for his dream job.  My two worlds collided. Mind blown.

The weirdness of it all draws me in like a mothman to a collapsing bridge.

In related news Padres President Mike Dee said that there were 50 PA announcer finalists and that they won't have the position filled by Opening Day.  It's all very strange.