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Katie Osborne is confirmed as new Fox Sports San Diego reporter and POV host


Katie Osborne unwittingly just kept leaving us clues on her Twitter timeline that she was coming to San Diego to become Fox Sports' new reporter and Padres POV host.  To solve the Mystery of the Missing Fox Sports Reporters it was just a matter of imagining myself as sixteen year old super sleuth Nancy Drew.

Fox Sports, upon realizing that it was futile to try and keep secrets from Nancy Drew, confirmed my suspicions from a few weeks ago.  Katie comes to us from places unknown in Indiana.  She's reported on the X-Games and Rallycross in the past, but will start pumping out Padres POV episodes in the very near future.

Kate Osborne to join FOX Sports San | FOX Sports on MSN

The first episode of Padres POV in the 2014 season will feature Osborne as host and will debut Friday, April 4th at 8:00 PM PST following Padres Live postgame show.

So now with Katie joining the team along with Kris Budden and Brook Roberts, FSSD is fully staffed, at least momentarily, for the start of the Padres season.