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Lake Elsinore Storm Support Special Olympics-Need Your Support

The staff at the single A Padres affiliate, the Lake Elsinore Storm, are supporting the Special Olympics with the charitable Polar Plunge event to support Special Olympics athletes, but they need your help!

The Lake Elsinore Storm have been strong supporters of the Special Olympics since Pete Lehr Field became the location of the annual Special Olympics Regional Bocce Ball Tournament years ago.

5 days from today, on March 8th, the Lake Elsinore Storm staff, including myself, will be participating in the Southern California Polar Plunge! Each team member will be taking a freezing leap into Big Bear Lake's 35 degree water, all in the name of raising funds for intellectually challenged athletes; but we still have donation goals that have yet to be met, and the clock is ticking!

Our 11 Storm Baseball Polar Plunge team members, which include some of our famed mascots, such as our fury friend from the new ESPN commercial, Ace The Fastest Squirrel in the World, have a goal of raising $2,000. In addition, each team member is required to raise $50 to participate, and that goal still needs to be met for several members of our Storm Team. We would GREATLY appreciate your donations to ensure each of our team members participation!

Each dollar raised bring specific benefits for the athletes. For every $35 raised a special needs athlete will be provided a uniform. Every $50 raised will provide new sporting equipment. Every $100 raised will sponsor an athlete for an entire sports season and every $500 raised will support a Special Olympics athlete for an entire year!

I would also like the individual privilege to singularly support an athlete for an entire year, which equates to a goal $500. I have yet to reach that goal, and I would greatly appreciate if our Gaslamp Ball community would rise and support the Special Olympic athletes.

Please click here for my personal donation page and here for the Lake Elsinore Storm's donation page, we would be forever grateful to each of you! Thank you!