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Huston Street Pulls Groin; Insert Joke Here

Huston Street's groin in better days.
Huston Street's groin in better days.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Brock is reporting on the latest setback at spring training, and it's all about closer Huston Street's nether regions.

If it really is just a minor pull, this shouldn't affect Street's spring at all. Reliever Alex Torres already had a delayed start to his spring training due to his visa issues, but he'll be ready in plenty of time for opening day because relief pitchers don't need nearly the amount of warmup time that starters do. In the absolute worst case, Joaquin Benoit will be more than capable of filling in as closer, but that likely won't be necessary. Huston just needs a few days to rest, in which time I assume he'll be the butt of every joke in the locker room.