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Padres 9, Indians 8: Friars Head Into Opening Night On A Win

Lisa Blumenfeld

It's been a long spring and an even longer offseason, but the Padres are finally set for Opening Night, and they're entering the regular season with their heads held high. Eric Stults wrapped up the spring with an impressive start, allowing just one run on one hit and 3 walks in 4 innings pitched. While his relief gave up 8 runs, none of them will be on the roster to start the season. Who will be on the roster? Chase Headley and Seth Smith, responsible for a pair of home runs and half of the Friars' 8 RBI. Also making the roster is Tommy Medica, who went hitless tonight but picked up a walk and run, wrapping up spring training with an attractive .324 batting average. Veteran journeyman Xavier Nady went 2 for 3 with a double tonight, entering the season hitting .353. Hopefully Medica and Nady can carry their strong spring showings into the season and make up for the lack of Carlos Quentin.

We'll see you here tomorrow night as Andrew Cashner opens the season against the Dodgers' Hyun-Jin Ryu at 5:05 PM. Baseball season is finally here!

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Looks like everybody was resting for the big game tomorrow, but Friar Fever still picked up a solid 22 comments for the lead. No recs this afternoon, but you have nobody to blame but yourselves.