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Quiz: Padres Who Wore Number 1


Ever since my Little League days, I've always thought the uniform number 1 looked... well, just wrong. Part of that is because it's just a thin line leaving all kinds of empty space, and looks even worse with a name -- especially a long name -- over it. The other reason is that it seems arrogant, like "Ooh, look at me; I'm number one!"

Twenty different Padres have worn number 1, whether it was just assigned to them or they were an egotistical loudmouth who stormed into town as a free agent and snatched it off the back of a fan favorite. If that's not a hint, I don't know what is. Along with the pair of shortstops everyone will know, that's four freebies. You have four minutes to recall or guess the other 14.

As always, be sure to log your results into the poll, and don't forget to use spoiler bars where applicable in your comments. Oh, and here's the perfect soundtrack you should play this to; it'll put you in the right mindset. It's 12 seconds shy of four minutes, but close enough.