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Fox Sports San Diego Spring Training Trip Video

Embedded below you'll find Fox Sports San Diego's video from last weekend's trip to Spring Training.  The passenger manifest consisted of FSSD employees, elite Padres bloggers, contest winning fans and one suave radio host.  Dex was invited for the #BloggerTakeOver event and I was his trusted platonic plus one.  It was a good group of people and we all became dear, dear friends.

The video turned out much better than I expected.  It almost makes all of Sam and Nick's paparazzi style tactics worth while.  If you watch it, it'll be like you were there with us, except you won't take up any room, eat any of our gummy bears or stink up the bus.

Dex and I give our sincerest thanks and tip our ball caps to the good folks at FSSD for being so good to us, when we clearly don't deserve it.