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Padres 5, Cubs 5: Bullpen Gives Up The Lead, But Not The Game

Where can I get a Three Cashner Moon shirt?
Where can I get a Three Cashner Moon shirt?
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Andrew Cashner looked good in his last three innings before Opening Night, allowing just one run on a pair of singles. He only picked up a single strikeout, but got the rest of his outs on grounders (they're more democratic, anyway). He was backed up by a solid offense that mixed 7 walks in with 6 hits (3 of those were doubles). Unfortunately, none of that mattered as the Cubs clawed their way back into the game in the last two innings, picking up a run off Nick Vincent and another 3 off Blaine Boyer (though only one of those was earned; the end of spring training means scrubs in the late innings). This was the Padres' fifth tie game of the spring. What does that mean?

Ian Kennedy will make his final appearance of the spring at 12:05 PM tomorrow.

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Only 5 comments in the game thread tonight, so I guess everybody is resting up for the Opening Night game thread. Good plan, guys.