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More changes to be seen at Petco Park this season

Donald Miralle

I wrote a blog post last week about some of the changes at Petco Park, but there's quite a few I missed.

Padres President Mike Dee talked to Darren Smith late last week about the first phase of a 3-5 year project to update and modernize Petco Park.  Here's more of the changes:

  • The top floor of the Western Metal Supply will have new state of the art seating called "The Rail" which will be San Diego's answer to Boston's Green Monster seats.  The seats will be adjoined to a brand new 12 person suite called the "Foul Pole Suite" with "the best view in left field". 
  • The standing room that was on the top level will now be moved to the roof.  It will accommodate more fans and arguably have the best food and beverage in the ballpark with Rimel's Rooftop Grill.
  • The Rally Bell will also be relocated from the 1st base tower to the Kona Cove next to the Western Metal Supply building.  This used to be the area called Jerome's Best Seat in the House.
  • Dee says the new sound system is in and working well.
  • There's also new signage on the outside of the ballpark
  • Meanwhile Marketing VP Wayne Partello showed off the new Seaside Market yesterday.
  • @ParkAtThePark is always good for a few shots of the ballpark from his birds-eye view in his office building.  Here he shows the new vendor area in the park.
  • And here is the Hodad's new satellite vendor station in the park, which will be real nice.
  • Also you've no doubt heard that Bumble Bee Tuna will be leasing the Showley Bros. Candy Factory building.  Well they've also got a vendor station near the batter's eye.