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Alliterative Padres Names

You've probably heard by now, but Dex and I hitched a ride on Fox Sports San Diego's new Fan Express bus to Spring Training in Peoria, Arizona last Friday.  Dex was asked to be one of the bloggers in FSSD's #BloggersTakeOver in-game segment and I was his trusty sidekick and platonic plus one.

Before the start of the journey I'd freely admitted to anyone who'd listen that I was a more than a little nervous about being on a bus for 6 hours due to my recent bout with sciatica.  Thankfully the ride turned out to be a really comfortable and entertaining.  I discovered early on that all my trepidations were for naught.  There was plenty of room to spread out, stand up and move about the cabin.

Immediately after our departure we were treated with a screening of all of FSSD's programming from the past year and all the gummy bears a normal human could eat.  I, however, ate 6 bags and wanted more, with my appetite for gummy snacks unsatisfiable.

Following the FSSD programming we watched the science-fiction thriller Moneyball.  That was a movie I had decided I'd be content if I never saw again, but surprisingly it was still decent on a second viewing.  We were deep in the Arizona desert before the TV's were mercifully shut off.

Left to our own devices, we tried to entertain ourselves.  We considered starting a sing-along and sing children's songs in rounds but for the life of me I couldn't remember the last line from The Wheels on the Bus. I kept wanting to finish with "All the livelong day!"

Dex suggested we compete against each other in a Padres alphabet game where we'd take turns naming a player who's last name started with each letter of the alphabet.  If we could name a player's name who's first and last were the same letter it was double points.  I started with Andy Ashby, scoring double.  Dex, I think, named Billy Bean.  I shot back with Calix Crabbe and then we promptly ran out of  alliterative names.  I think we made it to Joe Hamilton before we stopped for lunch at Chiptole in Yuma and ended the game.

I told Dex that once I had access to my computer that I'd try to generate a list of all alliterative Padres names.  Below you'll see the list of who I came up with.  Print this off and put in your wallet, just in case you go on a bitchin' road trip anytime soon.

Alliterative Padres Names

First Last
Alex Arias
Alexi Amarista
Andy Ashby
Bill Bean
Bob Barton
Bobby Brown
Brad Boxberger
Brad Brach
Bret Boone
Brian Boehringer
Brian Buchanan
Bruce Bochy
Callix Crabbe
Cesar Carrillo
Cesar Crespo
Chris Cannizzaro
Clay Condrey
Dave Dravecky
Doug Dascenzo
Gary Green
Jay Johnstone
Jerry Johnson
Jimmy Jones
Johnny Jeter
Jonathan Johnson
Kevin Kouzmanoff
Leron Lee
Luis Lopez
Marty McLeary
Mike Maddux
Mike Matthews
Miles Mikolas
Phil Plantier
Rafael Robles
Randy Ready
Rene Rivera
Rich Rodriguez
Roberto Ramirez
Roberto Rivera
Roberto Rodriguez
Ron Roenicke
Ronn Reynolds
Royce Ring
Ruben Rivera
Scott Sanders
Sonny Siebert
Stan Spencer
Steve Simpson
Steve Swisher
Tim Teufel
Tom Tellmann
Wally Whitehurst
Woody Williams