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What do you want to know about Austin Hedges?

Here's your chance to pick the brain of the talented Austin Hedges.

It's not hard to recognize what an all-around good guy we have in Austin Hedges, especially if you've been fortunate enough to chat with him in person. His kindness and generosity, as well as his tendency to be a team player, shine through. Not to mention he's also one of the best defensive catchers that I've personally witnessed.

During the 2013 season I interviewed Hedges quite often, asking about his background and picking his brain. Once a woman even had me ask him his toothbrush color (orange). I've scheduled an extended interview with the 21-year-old second rounder, and I'd like to know what Gaslamp Ballers would like me to ask him. We know his stats and we've seen him play, but this is an open invitation to you all to submit any questions you would like to ask our highly-ranked prospect (please keep it PG and baseball related).

Leave your questions in the comments and stay tuned for the upcoming interview!