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Headley is a Healthy Presence for Minor League Hopefuls

Today Chase Headley played within the Padres minors, and if it was anything like his time spent in the minors during the 2013 season, nothing but good will come from it.

Chase Headley played in today's game with the Padres minor league. Headley went 3 for 7, which is exactly what he was looking for to get him back to the top of his game, according to ESPN and The Associated Press.

In the 2013 season while Headley spent time rehabilitating in Lake Elsinore at the single A level with a thumb injury, many player expressed how grateful they were for their time playing with Headley. During on-field interviews last year, several Lake Elsinore Storm players expressed how they enjoyed getting to know Chase and that they felt it was healthy for them to spend time with such a positive player from their own affiliate. Which I am sure the same occurred in today's game as well.

Headley's character is one in which you would hope would rub off on the up-and-coming Padres. Headley is easily the current face of the Padres franchise and with his brief time spent with the minor today we can only hope that he inspires other players to strive for is level of grace.