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Padres 7, Mariners 2: The Bloggers Are The Real Winners Tonight

Dex was super dreamy on Fox Sports San Diego tonight.

Yeah, Ian Kennedy was solid tonight, striking out 7 in 5.2 innings while giving up a pair of runs on 3 hits and 2 walks. The offense came out in force, too, with extra base hits from 5 different Padres, including a pair of doubles from America's Finest City's Sweetheart Will Venable.

But if you're like me, you tuned in to see the pretty face of our very own Dex during the 5th and 6th innings. He represented us well, calling for robot umps and telling the story of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey. He was joined by Rick of Padres Public, Brady of LobShots, and Steve of Friarhood. Fox Sports San Diego was kind enough to have the bloggers take over a night game this season, so Rick didn't turn lobster red in the Arizona sun. There was some spirited debate about whether Tommy Medica should make the roster, what the human element of umpiring adds to the game (nothing), and just how sexy Austin Hedges is (very). And best of all, Brady didn't tell another Jeff Cirillo story.


We're back to day games and radio tomorrow as Tyson Ross starts against a split squad White Sox team at 1:05 PM.

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