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Giants 11, Padres 3: You Were Watching Basketball Anyway

Buddy wasn't actually at the Aztecs game, but I bet he wishes he had been.
Buddy wasn't actually at the Aztecs game, but I bet he wishes he had been.

So apparently Andrew Cashner celebrated the announcement that he would be the Padres' Opening Night starter by giving up 8 runs (though, in fairness, only 4 of those were earned). I say apparently, because he cunningly saved his worst start of the spring for the night nobody in San Diego was paying attention. In case you're living under a rock (in which case, how are you reading this?), the Aztecs played their first game of the March Madness tournament tonight, so local sports fans were more than a little preoccupied.

While Cashner had a lousy night, there were still some highlights in this blowout. Donn Roach and Jesse Hahn both threw a couple of excellent innings. Alex Castellanos showed off his speed by making this spectacular sliding catch in left field.


On the subject of speed, Jace Peterson knocked this pitch into center right and then turned on the afterburners to pick up a triple.


After Jedd Gyorko knocked Peterson in, Kyle Blanks hit his second bomb of the spring, scoring Tommy Medica and bringing the Padres to within... 8. But who cares? Even in a total blowout, that homer is a sight to be seen.


And then Alexi Amarista kept the ninth inning rally going by turning what should have been a simple bloop single into a triple.


But that was all the Padres could muster tonight. I assume they're saving the real epic comebacks for when they actually count.

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